The Birds of New Hampshire

$ 5.00

by Robert P. Fox and Allan R. Keith

This is the first book in 100 years to document the sightings of birds in New Hampshire. It is available now only through New Hampshire Audubon’s McLane Center Nature Store. It is a must-have for any avid New Hampshire birder.

The book contains :

  • First state-wide coverage of all species in 110 years
  • Status and distribution for all 427 species, seasons of occurrence and abundance
  • History of New Hampshire Christmas Counts
  • Summary of New Hampshire Hawk-watching data
  • Location and identity of over 4,800 museum specimens collected in the state
  • Summary of over 17,500 bird band returns for New Hampshire
  • Breeding Bird Survey results since 1966
  • Bibliography of over 1,200 titles covering the last 200 years