MAC Summer Tree & Shrub Identification

$ 7.00

Saturday, July 28th
10:00am to 11:30am
Cost: $7M/$10/NM

Can you tell a beech from a birch?  An oak from a maple? Explore the summer world of woody plants of the Northeast and become a life-long learner about the trees, shrubs and woody vines around you.  Learn basic terminology required for plant identification and use plant keys and field guides on some local native and naturalized species. Get to know which plant parts and family characteristics are helpful when faced with an unknown plant. Suitable for beginners and people with basic botanical knowledge. Bring a hand lens if you have one. There will be an indoor and outdoor component to the program, so come dressed for the weather. Jocelyn Duffy is a MAC naturalist and UNH Coverts volunteer who loves almost any excuse to spend time outside enjoying the natural world.