MAC Wee Wonders- Preschool Science Classes

$ 12.00

Wednesdays, 10-11:30 am
Leaders: Kim Murphy & Iris Fischer-McMorrow, Naturalists

Discover the changing seasons through hands-on activities, songs, crafts, stories, and outdoor discovery!  Classes are for ages 4-6.  Parents are required to stay and encouraged to participate.

Please dress to be outside and wear appropriate footwear. Pre-registration required for all classes.  

Members $12 per class
Non-members $15 per class
(per child/parent pair)

Jan 16: Snow Birds

Who are the snow birds? From the black capped chickadee to the great horned owl, these are the birds that brave the cold and snow. We’ll search the area for our local snow birds and find out how they survive through the winter.

Jan 30: Who is Wearing White? 

Some animals are very good at disappearing in the winter. Why? Because they “put on” a white winter coat! Come and see if you can find our white animals in winter! We will be on the lookout talk about the unique winter lives of these animals.

Feb 13: Life Under Ice 

Fish, frogs and turtles spend their winter under ice. Who else might we find in this wintery water world? How do they survive? Explore this hidden world under the ice, and meet a few of the animals that spend their winter there!

Mar 6: Sweet taste of Spring

Who doesn’t love pancakes topped with pure maple syrup?! And this is exactly the time of year to make some - but do you know where this delicious sugary topping comes from? It comes from the trees! Let’s explore our sense of taste as we learn about the maple sugaring process, and hear how the animals enjoy this sweet treat too!

Mar 20:  Rocks

Rocks are everywhere – you see them every day! The rocks you see may have once been part of a magnificent mountain or on the bottom of a vast ocean! They may have been stomped by the dinosaurs! They are as old as the earth itself, but continuously change and recycle themselves. Come today and learn about the bones of the earth, as we discover, explore and create – ROCKS!

Apr 3: Marsupial Moms

We may not have kangaroos or koalas in NH, but one of their relatives does live here. Opossums are NH's only marsupial... and actually make amazing moms! Moms give birth to bean size babies, and carry them everywhere in a pouch. Come and learn some amazing facts about these amazing moms.

Apr 17: Amphibian Migration

Frogs and salamanders are on the move: awakening from their long winter sleep, and on a mission! Where were they all winter, and how could they survive? Why wake so early, and where are they all going now? Come and learn about some of the mysteries in an amphibian’s life.

May 8:  Wild About Turtles

Turtles are the oldest surviving members of the reptile class... appearing some 245 million years ago. Turtles have developed some amazing adaptations, enabling them to live very long lives, as individuals and as a group. Today we will explore the world of turtles by playing some turtle games, meeting some turtles up close, and making our own to take home.

May 22: Butterflies

Butterflies are truly the jewels of our fields and forests! Come and discover the world of the butterflies as we learn about their life cycle, their colors and patterns, and how they sense the world around them. We’ll search for some of our favorite insects, play some butterfly games, and make a big butterfly to take home.

Jun 5: Wildflowers

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder- but who can argue the beauty of our wildflowers in spring? We’ve waited all winter, and half of the spring for color to return to our forests and fields. Come and discover the colors, shapes and wonders of our wildflowers today!