MAC Wee Wonders- Preschool Science Classes

$ 12.00

Wednesdays, 10-11:30 am
Leaders: Kim Murphy & Iris Fischer-McMorrow, Naturalists

Discover the changing seasons through hands-on activities, songs, crafts, stories, and outdoor discovery!  Classes are for ages 4-6.  Parents are required to stay and encouraged to participate.

Please dress to be outside and wear appropriate footwear. Pre-registration required for all classes.  

Members $12 per class
Non-members $15 per class
(per child/parent pair)


Come and learn about some of our favorite animals this session, and find out why they really aren’t all that scary! We’ll also discover the important roles they play in our environment.

September 12th: DRAGONS OF TODAY

Have you ever seen a dragonfly with a 2 foot wingspan? Maybe not today, but if you were alive about 300 million years ago, they would have been commonplace. Today, with a wingspan of only 5-7 inches, and their extraordinary abilities of flight, they are still a wonder worth studying. Come join in the fun as we search water and air for these dragons of today!

September 26th: SWOOP, FLY, BATS!

Bats are the second most diverse mammal species in the world- but one of the least understood. Come and learn about some of our world’s bat species: we’ll dispel some myths, play some batty games, and find out how our NH bats have been faring.

October 10th: SPIDER HIDERS:

Studies have shown that you are never more than 10 ft. from a spider! Yet, we hardly ever notice them. Join us as we learn some fascinating spider facts and spin a web of spider fun!

October 24th:  WHAT KIND OF CAT IS THAT?

Some people call them Fisher cats. When they make scary noises in the woods, they sure don’t sound like the cats that sleep on the couch! Believe it or not, they aren’t really cats, a fisher is actually a member of the weasel family. Come learn about fishers, and their cousins, the mink and marten. Learn how different they are from our feline friends.


November 7th: CLEVER CORVIDS:

Ravens and crows have long been feared and misunderstood: they’ve been called “tricksters” and have been thought to be messengers of death and doom. There is no doubt, however, that these birds are social and intelligent - able to count, and solve problems! Today we will learn some fascinating facts about these birds as we visit with our resident raven.

November 21st: BIG BLACK BEARS

Black bears are working hard to prepare for the upcoming winter season. They are hungry, and will soon get very tired, and start looking for a place to sleep through the winter. Today we’ll learn about our wild bear neighbors and have a bear-el load of fun!


Ever wonder how a snake moves without legs? Ever wonder why it sticks out its tongue, and if it can blink? Would you like to know what one feels like? Come and learn about the mysterious lives of these amazing creatures. We'll play Simon Snake Says, move like a giant snake, and meet one of our live snakes up close! You don't want to misss thisss