MAC Junior Explorers- Homeschool Science Classes

$ 12.00

Wednesdays, 10-11:30 am
Leader: Paula Chouinard, Naturalists

Classes are for ages 7-12.  Parents are encouraged to stay and participate. Please dress to be outside! Pre-registration required for all classes.  

Members $12 per class
Non-members $15 per class
(per child/parent pair)

9/12 Biodiversity: What is it and why is it so important? -  Enjoy a game of “Who Am I?” to identify what species you belong to. Then work together to describe how these species interact to form the web of life.


9/26 Abiotic and Biotic: Understanding the dependence of living things upon non-living things. - Play “Abiotic, Biotic Ball” to actively brainstorm living and non-living things. Use “Stop, Drop, and Count” to estimate the different species of living things in a small plot.


10/10 Beautiful soil / What are heritage plants? - Take a trip to the garden to discover the components of soil, how soil is formed and its importance. Learn about heritage plants and their significance.


10/24 First in the Forest - Go on a Scavenger Hunt to identify Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers in the forest. Identify common wild edibles and learn about the transfer of the sun’s energy.


11/7 Animal Habitats (NH’s Threatened and Endangered Species) - Explore the three basic habitats found at the center. Play “Oh Deer” to demonstrate how changes within the habitat determine survival.


11/21 Habitat Murals - Choose a habitat and use various materials to create a mural that demonstrates understanding of the interactions within an eco-system; be sure to demonstrate food, water, shelter, and space!


12/5 Presentations of Murals / Hands-on with the Center’s Animals! Share your completed mural with the class. Celebrate the end of the semester by interacting with some of the animals at the center!