Everyday Mindfulness for a Meaningful Life September 21, 2018

$ 15.00

September 21, 2018 9:30-11:00am at the McLane Audubon Center, Concord

Guide and Leader: Helen Dalbeck

Mindfulness is simply paying attention on purpose to the present moment. Helen Dalbeck will model and teach participants how to bring awareness to their breath and our movements while sitting and walking. There will be a slowing down, meditative quality to these activities and a natural awakening of the senses. Join us to focus on the breath. Learn to sit and move with attention, and to walk with purpose and peace. Explore these methods and discover yourself again and again.

Cost: $10 per person for Audubon members, $15 per person for non-members

Questions may be directed to: hchapman@nhaudubon.org.