Beginning Bird Identification with Bob Quinn

$ 145.00

Beginning Bird Identification with Bob Quinn

This introductory class is ideal for people newly interested in birds who want to learn how to identify local species. During five field and indoor lessons you will learn how to identify at least 100 of our most common birds. The focus will be on basic identification skills and the spring migrants but we will also cover topics from binoculars and bird books to basic bird biology.

Besides the pleasure and satisfaction of figuring out “What bird is that?” you will learn:

  • Simple techniques to help identify almost any bird.
  • Identification clues based on habitats.
  • Why birds sing and its importance.
  • Where and how to find birds.
  • An update on choosing binoculars and books.

COST: $145/M; $205/NM for all five sessions. (Maximum of 10 participants) Pre-registration is required.


Thursday, April 27   6:30-8:30 PM  Introductory evening including some field time.

Thursday, May 11   6:00-7:15 PM   Field Session at McLane.

                               7:30-9:00 PM “How to identify any bird”

 Tuesday, May 16   6:00-7:15 PM.  Field Session at McLane.

                               7:30-9:00 PM. Discussion of field session.

 Thursday, May 18   6:00-7:15 PM.  Field Session at McLane.

                                 7:30-9:00 PM. Discussion of field session.

 Tuesday, May 30     6:00-9:00 PM.  Field Session and wrap up     

REQUIREMENTS: Binoculars that give you a decent image are mandatory. A field guide (book or electronic) is highly recommended. A field notebook is recommended but can any type of portable notebook.                        

This course will be taught by Bob Quinn of Merlin Wildlife Tours. Bob is one of NH’s most experienced birders and workshop leaders. He is the recipient of the Goodhue-Elkins award for his “…outstanding contributions to the study of N H birds.” He has been sharing his enthusiasm for birds and birding for decades and is well known for his local field trips, engaging style, and depth of knowledge.